out now:

VITAL SPIRIT “Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind” CD

saccharine black metal of the West, featuring members of wormwitch, seer…

“Vital Spirit’s ice-cold universe expands with seizing and melodic compositions. Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind knows how to be majestic and raw, creating a seizing veil to walk with ghostly howlings.” acts infernalis

It’s out now digitally and on 6 panel digipack cd, vinyl will be released later this year.

give it a listen and/or order the CD here


out now:

HELGE “neuroplsticity” LP


danish black metal
“Helge have a sound that’s spewed from the very lungs of hades and, despite being heavy as hell, there’s something ethereal and ghostly about Helge’s sound, as if recorded by anguished souls cast into Dante’s Inferno.” devolution magazine

It’s available on limited white vinyl (150 copies) and black vinyl.

Listen to it, and/or order it here


up for preorders and set to be released on May 13th are:

SCITALIS “doomed before time” LP/CD/Cassette
ANTE-INFERNO “antediluvian dreamscapes” LP/CD/Cassette

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